Thursday, May 3, 2012

Three Things Thursday ...

Non-Training Mileage Boost - For the first time in a very long time, I am not training for anything. My next running race isn't until Hood to Coast in August and my next triathlon is a sprint in September.

Of course, that doesn't mean I am floating along without direction. That's just not my style. Instead, I am currently working off a training plan that could probably have me ready to race a 70.3 in about 4 weeks. I mean, it only makes sense. You never know when someone is going to throw a free race entry at you. And I'd hate to have to pass something like that up.

With that said, there is one minor downfall to my current training style.

I keep adding workouts whenever I feel like it.

"Oh, the kids are in bed and you're going to watch TV? Why not watch TV from the trainer?"

"Oh, you have 30 minutes before anyone gets out of bed? Why not do some strength training?"

"What? No one is yelling at you while you're running on the treadmill? Why not double your mileage?"

And that, right there, is how I ended up logging an extra 20 miles on the bike and 3 miles on my run in the last two days. Yes, I know I have a problem.

Health Obsessed - Apparently, I'm not the only one with a love of fitness and healthy living in our house. Dizzle, Doodle and Dilly have jumped on that train too.

Need proof? Hmm, where to begin?

1. Every time Dilly finishes a glass of milk she says, "I drank all my milk so I can have strong muscles!"

2. We constantly find the girls using our free weights. Here's Dizzle doing some shoulder presses in front of a mirror while I run on the treadmill.

And, on more than one occasion, we have found Dilly sitting on the couch holding two pound dumbbells over her head in an attempt to "get big muscles."

3. I get asked about 865 times a day if we can go on a run or if we can run on the treadmill. And all three girls, including three year old Dilly, ran a mile on Monday and I had to literally drag them inside so that they would stop doing loops around our cul-de-sac.

4. My kids are afraid to say the "F" word. No, not that "F" word - FAT. Our conversations go a little something like this.

"Mom, don't eat all of that cake or you might get F-A-T" *cue scared face*
"Yes, if you eat too much cake all the time you might get fat. But you can have it sometimes."
"Oh, good. Because you really like cake."

5. "Can you help me with some stretches?" is a normal question in our house.

J and the girls stretching ...

6. The girls try to play catch with a six-pound medicine ball.

7. Swim caps, goggles, running skirts and tall socks have become casual wear around here.

I guess we could have worse obsessions ...

Summer Vacation - Now that it's May, I am anxiously awaiting the end of the school year. For some odd reason, I am really looking forward to having all three kids home all the time (we keep our Summer unscheduled. No camps. No classes. No anything). Or maybe it's just the sheer level of insanity that May has in store for us that makes me long for it to be over. 

Either way, I'm sure that two weeks into break, I am probably going to feel completely different, especially considering the lack of volume control that my children have.

How about you? Are you looking forward to or dreading Summer vacation? How do you plan to keep your kids occupied?


6 Pack Momma said...

I look forward to summer and a lack of schedule. I let me kids stay up later at night so they sleep in later in the morning. Nothing better than getting up, working out, coming home and STILL finding them in bed while I sip my morning coffee. Ahhhhhhh : )

Anonymous said...

We are also a health-obsessed household, and the kids are constantly rating foods by their health value and activities by their exercise value. (Of course we allow treats and lazy times, too!) I think it is great! I hope they carry that into adulthood.

MCM Mama said...

Today, the 5 year old daughter of a friend was dressed in hot pink knee high socks that matched the hot pink laces in her shoes today which matched the hotpink in the pattern of her shorts. I told her mom that as soon as I can run, I'm taking her running with me.

Made me think of you. ;o)

And our summer is mostly trips - including Cub scout camp which just has me scared LOL.

Erica said...

I am looking forward to the lack of "schedule" in the summertime but then I agree approximately two weeks in I will probably be searching for places to drop them all off for a few hours.... Also, just hoping to survive May at this point!! Maybe all of us can meet somewhere this summer!!

Anonymous said...

Love it! My daughter turns 3 in July so no real breaks from school yet! But no real summer plans either as we adjust to our new city!

Gaspegirl said...

I too look forward to the summer schedule of non-scheduled activities. If it is nice it might be a beach day, or a bike day ... or both! No soccer, no bball, no organized activities... just fun!

Make it a great day!

fancy nancy said...

I love that your girls are so into fitness! Way to be a great example Mom!! I am SOOOO excited for Summer vacation! As a good teacher I know exactly how many days are left (31) and love the unscheduled time with my girl!!

giraffy said...

1. I'm not sure how it's already May. Really?! May?!

2. Your kids crack me up. F-A-T. Ha.

3. SO excited about Gab's wish trip. SO NOT EXCITED about Florida in July. SO EXCITED for Seattle and San Fran. SO NOT EXCITED for the hills.

Running Ricig said...

Your kids crack me up. They are awesome like their mom!

ajh said...

I'm 100% looking forward to summer vacation but for a very different reason than you!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the example you are setting for your family. They are going to be ATHLETES!!