Thursday, October 25, 2012

Three Things Thursday ...

Accountability - I mentioned on Monday that I had been lacking some accountability in my training. And although I have done my best to ignore the "I will do it later" thoughts, I still can't force myself out of bed at 4:30 a.m. to get my sweat on. My bed is just too cozy and two more hours of sleep sounds pretty much like heaven.

With that said, I have been getting my workouts done. And yesterday's swim served as the perfect example how I work harder when I step out of my solo training ways. You see, when I got to the pool yesterday, my friend (and future IM training partner) Sally, was already swimming. I jumped in the lane beside her and just tried to keep up. (Note: I couldn't keep up with propellers) I swam hard, but comfortable. And somehow, I finished the 3000m workout in 58 minutes. I looked back and the fastest I have ever swam that distance before was 1:03. So basically, I am awesomesauce. And all it took was a little peer pressure.

Crossfit - On Saturday morning, I am running 8 miles. Four hours later, I am taking my first Crossfit class. I'm thinking this may be a recipe for disaster.

I know that I have endurance and I know that I am strong, but I am not confident that either of those things are going to fully prepare me for the hurt-fest that awaits me. Plus, I have a severe lack of coordination and box jumps scare me. If it wasn't for my undying need to impress people, I'm not sure I would make it through alive.

Thank God Sunday is a rest day ...

Costumes - For some reason, we have about 20 Halloween costumes of various sizes and themes in our home. On Monday, I laid them out for the girls and let them choose one. I had plans in my head of how we could all coordinate costumes if I could just "steer" the girls in the right direction. But, no such luck.

Dizzle decided to take parts of two costumes and create a fairy costume (Note: There were perfectly good, pre-assembled fairy costumes to choose from). Doodle went with a witch costume that she wore two years ago. And while the costume still fits (with leggings added), the hat is crazy small on her head. So small that it's never going to stay on. I'm thinking I will hide the hat and give her wings and she can be a sorcerer fairy. And Dilly chose to be a spider, also her costume from two years ago. It has gone from being dress length to shirt length and the hat doesn't snap around her noggin. But, she's too freaking cute to say no to.


Sally said...

love this!!! you are too looked smooth and comfortable in that lane...and look how very far you have come!!!

giraffy said...

Crossfit is terrifying. All that jumping, and moving, and coordination. I think I would kill and/or maim myself.

TwynMawrMom said...

Lesson learned:
can control training
cannot control children's costumes.
But pumped for your swim.
Good luck at crossfit. Intimidates me too!!!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

4:30 a.m. is crazy early! I don't even try to be awake then. Nice how things worked out for an extra hard workout later!

And CrossFit after 8 miles is insane. Oh jump boxes, yeah. An aerobic step is just about as high as I get. I can't wait to hear how it goes. Pls take pics! ;-)

Speaking of photos. Can't wait to see your girls in the outfits!

Elizabeth said...

ooh, been dying to try crossfit. i think i will do that in a few weeks now that the ankle is better. cannot wait to see pics of those adorable girls in costume!

Unknown said...

I hope you are enjoying crossfit session. Getting up early is the toughest job for me too.Hope you enjoy the weekend with the children in halloween costumes!

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Unknown said...

4:30 is still nighttime!!