Friday, February 1, 2013

January Rewind ...

Miles Run: 98.91 miles. Probably should have jumped on the treadmill for a quick 1.09 miles just to round it out.

Bike Miles Rode: 126.4 miles. All on the trainer.

Swim Meters Completed: 12800 meters or 7.7 miles.

Rest Days Taken: 7. Travel kind of threw me off this month.

Highest Run Mileage Week: 1/1-1/6: 23.6 miles

Highest Bike Mileage Week: 1/21-1/27: 37.3 miles

Highest Swim Volume Week: 1/1-1/6: 3600m or 2.24 miles.

Long Runs Completed (10+ miles): 0. Third month in a row. I'm currently building my run base again and with this whole HR training, I did get to 9.9 miles. This weekend's long run should put me over 10.

Current Book: Right now, I am reading Days of Blood and Starlight by Taylor. But I also finished a few other books in January. (Note: For those of you who have asked, if it's on this or any of my lists, I would recommend the book. If I don't like the story or the book doesn't grasp my attention, I don't bother finishing it, thus it wouldn't be listed here.) 
  • Matched by Condie
  • Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Taylor
  • The Bar Code Tattoo by Weyn

    Current Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Jumpin' Jack Doritos. I probably haven't eaten Doritos in 10 years, but I saw this throwback flavor (which was my favorite as a kid) at the store the other day and I had to have them.

    Current Colors: Charcoal Gray, Yellow and Pink
    Current Drink: Hot tea with a touch of sugar. It's freaking cold here right now.

    Current Song: Try - Pink

    Current Triumph: I ate 3,000 calories yesterday. Without splurging on cake. Be inpressed.

    Current Goal: Be a better me. Each and every day. And tackle my 2013 To Do List head on.

    Current Blessing: Health, happiness and love. I've got all three.

    Current Excitement: I'm still riding high from making (and subsequently meeting) Team Rev3 Tri. I registered for my first 140.6 this week. And my birthday is in 6 days. It's like a giant freaking party over here right now.

    2013 To Do List:


    • 140.6. That is all. - Registered.
    • Make time for strength training. Don't let training loads eliminate strength workouts completely. And stick to strength training in a group, it keeps you accountable. - CrossFit membership ended today, so I'm gonna need to motivate myself to keep up the strength training this month.
    • Switch to time-based/HR training. Despite my knowledge of training paces, I have a hard time sticking to them. I'm hoping this will help me train more effectively. - 32 days in and adjusting quite well.
    • Log 4,500 cumulative run, bike and swim miles. Up 485 from 2012. - As of February 1st, 233.01 miles logged.
    • Race a 10K with a finish time much faster than your very dated current PR of 53:17. I never managed to register for a 10K in 2012 and I'm not sure where it will fit in this year, but it's on my radar. - No progress on this one.
    • Set a new PR in the Half Marathon, currently 1:57:06. I totally blew this one in 2012 and will likely only have one good shot at it in 2013.- Registered for Flying Pirate Half in April.
    • Run a 5K with Dizzle and Doodle, even if that means tricking them into it. - The kids have been running quite a bit recently. Probably going to aim for the fall.
    • Eat like a gluten-free athlete. After struggling with health issues much of 2012, removing the gluten has been key in alleviating the symptoms. Don't be swayed by the lure of wheat. Or cake.- On point, like usual.
    • Find the race day (and training) nutrition plan that works for me.- Eventually ...
    • Consume no more than 18 desserts from Shyndigz. This number worked well in 2012 and helped me cut back on my serious cake addiction. Plus, their gluten-free menu is limited, so I shouldn't be tempted as often. - As of February 1st, 2 desserts consumed. Both from Dilly's birthday cake.
    • Drink at least 100oz of water per day.- Oh, heck yeah!
    • Only say yes to the projects you REALLY want to work on. An honest no is much better than a halfhearted yes. - Check.
    • Stick to our budget. We've lived credit card (and credit card debt) free for three months. No reason to go back now. - Double Check.
    • Ignore your impulses. Take time to process the true value of the things you are filling your space/life with. - Yes and no. Although TigerBlood rocks my socks, I might just be in the market for a sweet Quintana Roo ...
    • Figure out what to do with my hair. Keep the mohawk or grow it out. I'm taking opinions on this one.- I'm growing it out. For real this time.
    • Continue to balance family life, training and now, work.- Check.
    • Prioritize and be a good example for the people in your life. - Like quadruple check!
    • Help and support J and the kids in reaching their goals. We are a team and that must always be the primary focus of our lives. No one should have to sacrifice so that someone else can reach their goal. If a balance can't be found, it's not worth pursuing.- I would never waiver on this one!


    giraffy said...

    Whaaaaaat!? No more mohawk?! (You could go with the super awesome feathered mullet Gabby is currently working on.....)

    Unknown said...

    Flying Pirate! Out there on the blog! Can't wait.

    Hollywood said...

    MMmmmmm...cake. Maybe I shouldn't tell you this, but there are really good cakes, and more importantly CUPCAKES, out there that are GF and even vegan; they're just more expensive. I had a major sweet tooth, but after being forced to go GF, and vegan for various reasons, I've found that lots of fruit satiate the craving for desserts. Worth a try; yeah?

    Welcome to the family!

    Running Librarian said...

    love the flying pirate race!

    Karen said...

    I am glad I am not the only one who fell for the old school Doritos flavor. I saw one the other day I had as a kid and couldn't resist grabbing a big ole handful.

    Tara Martine said...

    Great to meet you at the summit Tonia! I think you've got a lot of really good goals for this year :) I also think you should consider keeping the mohawk b/c it totally rocks!

    Anonymous said...

    Great way to start 2013!!