Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1717 miles and two nights without the girls ...

That's what I have to look forward to (or dread). 1717 miles and two nights without my babies. Honestly, I'm not happy about the prospect of either. Tomorrow afternoon, we are going to load up our tank of a car (oh how I love my SUV!) and drive somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 hours to drop my kids off in Rhode Island. NOT FUN!! Not the drive. Not leaving them.

You see, I have NEVER left my girls overnight. The only time I was apart from Dizzle was the night Doodle was born. And they have only been left with a non-family member FOUR TIMES. Can you say I'm slightly attached? If anyone in this relationship needs to cut the cord, it's me. The girls are fine without me, but I worry about them CONSTANTLY when we are apart. I'm beginning to believe that I have a problem.

And even though we are leaving them in the capable hands of my in-laws, I am still not at ease. Thanks to horror stories I've heard (both on TV and from friends), I'M FREAKED OUT! I know in my heart that they will be fine, but I also convinced that I am going to worry so much that I'm not going to enjoy the two days of peace and quiet (oh yeah, and the rehearsal dinner and wedding - the reason we are leaving them in the first place). AHH! I so need to calm down.

But let's be honest here. I'm not just like this with my kids. I'm the same way with J. Every time he has a business trip, I get freaked that something is going to happen to him. And every time he comes home just fine. But it never gets any easier.

I know that there are people out there who want a break from their kids, husband, whoever. But that's so not me. I want to be with them all the time. I want to share all my experiences with them and be there for all of theirs. Now don't get me wrong, I need some me time ... but I'm good after an hour or two. NOT 48.

Seriously, someone just tell me to shut up and get over it. It's going to be fine.

OK, OK. I think I'm better now. Maybe.

***Just a note: Since we are going on vacation (even if I am entirely stressed out for the first quarter of it), I am going on vacation from this blog too. Unless something completely absurd happens. Which it might. Dizzle and Doodle are crazy. Plus, I'm sure you'll want to know that I survived (and the kids too) the separation. So maybe I'll drop in briefly. But I wouldn't count on it.

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Earth Momma Mer said...

I can't wait to hear how it all turned out. I'm the same way about Randy and Simon. And with adding the new baby to the mix, I'm sure I'll get worse about being apart. BTW, hopefully word has made it to you that Julia had her baby girl on Aug 3rd. More details to follow.