Wednesday, September 3, 2008

i am so not her favorite ...

Yes, she loves me. Yes, she would miss me if I was gone. But I have long known that I am not Dizzle's favorite. That is a spot she reserves for her father. She always has and probably always will.

This fact became ever more apparent to me this morning when Dizzle screamed on the top of her lungs, "DAD! DAD! DAD!" as she awoke (much like she does every morning). But today was different. Today, I went to go get her, an event that Dizzle was very upset about.

It all started with Dizzle using her own body to barricade the door. Obviously, I was not wanted. Then, once I ever-so-gently shoved her out of the way, she turned to me and yelled, "I don't want you! I want Daddy!" To which I responded, "Why Daddy? Why don't you come with me?" And here's the kicker ...

"Because I don't like you."

At times, I swear she's demon-spawn. I knew she didn't mean it, but that didn't make it hurt any less. (However, the excess of cuddles and kisses today did help.)

And let me tell you, this is not a one time event. The same scenario played itself out yesterday too (and a zillion times before). We were at Dizzle's preschool's open house. Everything was going well (which makes me even more confident that she is COMPLETELY ready for school). So, like I said, all was well ... until we tried to leave. Dizzle went into complete meltdown mode. Kicking and screaming. And what was she yelling? You guessed it.


Shocker, right?

Eventually I got her to calm down. And do you know how I did it? With the promise of seeing her most favorite person in the world ... Daddy. I swear he put some kind of magic spell over her. Seriously, because without fail, every time the prospect of seeing her dad comes into play, the bad behavior goes right out the window. Shouldn't she want to be with me that much?

I really can not wait for her to realize that without me, she wouldn't be here. Sure, dear old Dad gave her half her DNA, but really, had I not given up my body for nine months, there would be no Dizzle.

But at least I have Doodle. She worships the ground I walk on. Well, at least she does for now. I'm pretty sure once I'm done cooking the current bun in the oven, she's going to be less than thrilled with me too.

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gba_gf said...

That's a tough pill to swallow! But it's true to her age, and all children go through the phase of "I don't want you". B calls for DAAAAAADEEEEEE every day from her crib, but I know eventually she'll come around, just like C & G. And Doodle will probably come around too, right after she tells you she hates you (age 5- just wait). Eventually they'll all realize you're a Goddess, the giver of life and the baker of Christmas Cookies. Then of course, you'll be stuck in the "but I wanted to sit next to Mommy" at dinner, and it's hard to sit between THREE people. :)