Thursday, September 11, 2008

week one down ...

So, Dizzle started preschool this week and although I tend to be slightly overbearing with my children, it really didn't phase me. Or her for that matter. In fact, like I had imagined, I had to pry her away, kicking and screaming. Shocker, right?

On Tuesday, I was fortunate enough to be the working parent in the classroom (she attends a co-op), which meant that Doodle and I spend the whole day with 15 three and four-year olds, trying not to disrupt them (oh, yeah, did I mention it's Montessori based? So, basically the working parents are really there to keep the kids from hurting anyone and to clean up afterwards).

Anyway, Doodle and I were in the classroom and Dizzle barely noticed. Except at lunch time, since we had to sit with her on ungodly small chairs and at miniature tables. (Would it really be that hard to have one adult table?) Then, when the day was over and I had finished my clean-up duties, the kicking and screaming ensued. Basically, Dizzle told me to go home without her because she was going to live at school. Oh, how loved I felt!

Today was slightly better. (Except that Doodle cried as I pulled her out of the line to enter the classroom. Apparently, she wanted to stay too. So, I officially have no children who need me. Well, maybe that one I'm gestating. But I'm sure that will change shortly after birth.)

Back to my point, today was better. I dropped her off, she told me she'd miss me and when I picked her up the tantrum was a tad shorter. (She still wants to live there, though.) And with that week one is in the books.

Oh yeah and isn't she just too cute?

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