Monday, October 6, 2008

toddler bump ...

I swear that in the last 24 hours, my "baby bump" has blown up to a full on "toddler bump." There is no way that my doctor is dating this pregnancy correctly. I have to be further along than she thinks. I mean, come on, how else do you explain the sudden stomach explosion?

Don't really believe that I'm that much bigger than I was last week? Well, I've got plenty of evidence ...

1. On my last run (Saturday), my shirt, while too short, managed to stay over my stomach for the entire six mile run. Yes, had I not been wearing a maternity skirt a good three inches of my stomach would have been showing. But at least the shirt stayed in place. Today was a different story. About 300 meters into my run, my shirt (the same one might I add) was up over my belly button. At a half mile, the bottom of my shirt was sitting at my breastbone. And people were staring. I just pray that the slack jaws were in awe of my pregnancy fitness and not in complete shock that the chubby girl couldn't find a shirt that fit.

2. I have lost both my belly button and my toes. When standing up straight, I no longer have a belly button and I in no way can see my toes. Again, I swear that yesterday I had an indent on my stomach and a clear line of vision to my piggly wigglies.

3. For the first time, my stomach got in my way. While lifting my stroller back into the truck, I didn't have enough clearance to get it around my belly. Instead, I slammed the front wheel into my gut, hitting what I am pretty sure was the baby's head. FANTASTIC!

Go ahead, laugh. I'm sure I'd be laughing to, if it was happening to someone else.

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Earth Momma Mer said...

I told you it would all of a sudden just stick out there. But, I'm so happy for you because the closer you get to a big round tummy, the more I can bug you about doing the "henna thing." :)
See you in the morning, Meredeth