Thursday, October 9, 2008

where are you?

Up until now, most of my child-related ramblings have centered around Dizzle. And for obvious reason. She's the one that can talk, so by default, she provides most of my laughs during the day. Sure, Doodle is cute and most of the time I can understand the point she is trying to get across, but conversations with her often lack humor and words, for that matter. That is, until today.

For the very first time, something Doodle really made me laugh. Not because it was overly thoughtful or awe-inspiring, but rather, because it was unexpected.

When getting Doodle from her nap, I peeked in first, only to see her hiding (very poorly, might I add) under the comforter on her bed. Knowing that she loves to play hide and seek, I took the opportunity to act like I couldn't find her, asking, "Where is my Doodle?"

And instead of silence (or even a snicker), Doodle blurted out, "Hiding!" Totally blowing her cover. Obviously, my child does not understand how to play. But at least she's beginning to grasp comedic timing (which is really much more practical).

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Anonymous said...

She is funny! She just made me LOL in front of the scream ;) Can't believe baby Kenzie is no longer a baby!!!! BTW, you might look great with your belly bottom there ;) Big hug, (miss you)