Wednesday, October 29, 2008

self confidence, anyone?

Earlier, the girls and I (and our inner divas) busted out the musical instruments. We banged on drums, shook the maracas and danced the afternoon away. At one point, Dizzle and I were singing our own renditions of "Sally the Camel" and "The Farmer in the Dell" when she suddenly grabbed the microphone and said, "It's my turn to sing."

Thinking I was about to get an all-star performance of the ABC's, I sat back and patiently waited. Suddenly, my little rocker started head-banging and dancing around. All while singing, "I rock. I rock. I rock." Over and over again.

When she finally ended her performance, I said, "You rock because you are a rock star, right?" To which she replied, "No. I rock because I am awesome."

Apparently, we aren't lacking in self confidence in this household.


Earth Momma Mer said...

I'm so sorry to have missed out on Dizzle's performance. We too have our fair share of "rockin" out. Today I heard some beautiful (AKA loud & obnoxious) music coming from S's room. Lucky for me and D, S had rediscovered the handbells Nana had given him for his bday. Wow. My ears are still ringing. ;)

Anonymous said...

I have a rockstar too! M swears she is a rockstar and makes up the funniest songs. Its so cute!