Thursday, February 25, 2010

the procrastinator ...

I know it's totally not PC to stereotype or categorize people, but let's be honest (aren't I always?), some people just have certain characteristics they are known for.

Take me for instance, I have ALWAYS been known as "The Jock." This is evident by the fact that when Senior Superlatives were announced in high school, I won "Class Olympian." My jock status still manifests itself every now and then on Facebook when people tag me in one of those stupid pictures that lists a whole bunch of character traits and you have to scroll over the picture to see which one is you. (I NEVER have to look. I already know the answer.)

This is not to say that this classification is not correct. In fact, it's dead on. I have been an athlete in one form or another since I started playing soccer at age three. And as luck would have it, I was always pretty good at whatever sport I tried. I was a varsity athlete in soccer, basketball and track all four years of high school. I won two state titles in the shot put. I was a Division 1 track and field athlete in college. (Note: I always managed to play the position or compete in the event with the LEAST amount of running. Weird, right?)

I'm starting to notice that my children are also showing certain classifiable character traits. I'm already sure of what sports my children will excel at and which they won't. And I am pretty confident that I can pinpoint each of their "categories," (at least the ones they are demonstrating at this point in their young lives). Dilly is a "class clown." She's just plain silly and is always working the room. Doodle is a "tantrum queen". She has a fiery temper. She's quick to overreact and lets you know it. And Dizzle, well Dizzle is "The Procrastinator." That girl knows how to play anyone. And it is crazy annoying. Take last night for instance.

I put the girls to bed at 7 and told them that I was going to run on the treadmill, which meant that I would NOT be able to hear them if they screamed for me. So, don't waste your time. Just go to bed. They said OK and kissed me goodnight. Fast forward to the end of my run and guess who is screaming ... Dizzle. I proceed to go check on her and this is what happened:

Dizzle: "Mom, I was calling you because I really had to go to the bathroom."
Me: "You just went 40 minutes ago. Ugh! Whatever! Just go!"
Dizzle: (lets out two drops of urine) "OK. But now I need to wash my hands. And my face. And brush my teeth."
Me: "You already did all that."
Dizzle: "Um, I need to call Daddy and tell him goodnight and when is he going to come home."
Me: "He is at a work thing. He won't be home until Friday. I'll let him know you said goodnight."
Dizzle: "Oh, well, I had to borrow Doodle's slippers because my feet were cold. But now, I need to go get mine."
Me: "Why?"
Dizzle: "Well, what if Doodle needs hers back?"
Me: (obviously frustrated) "You don't sleep with your slippers on, so you don't need them. Just get back in bed!"
Dizzle: "Will you just tuck me in extra tight so that I don't get cold?"
Me: "Yes."
Dizzle: (now in bed) "Um, Doodle was up when I was screaming for you because I had to go to the bathroom. And then she fell asleep. I don't even know how she did that. She is SO CRAZY!"
(And I just walked away ...)

No, Dizzle. You are the crazy one. The crazy one who should have been asleep rather than thinking you could pull a quick one on your mom. When are you going to learn that I am the last person that is ever going to work on?


Running Diva Mom said...

Those little ones are so darn smart! I don't know how you do it with three???

Jen said...

Oh, I remember those days.

Carly said...

Isn't it amazing how much you can tell about a person, even when they're only 3?

Robyn said...

That's so funny. I was such a ham when I was little and I'm not sure that ever changed.

Libby said...

bahaha.....I am so the procrastinator! Last night I had a huge paper due at midnight, of course waited for the last minute after class to do it, and of course had to check on blogs, go to the bathroom, look for something to eat, etc etc etc....then I freaked out that I wasn't going to get it done...

Jen Feeny said...

LMAO! I can't wait for the adventure of kids someday... they just crack me up with their antics!

prashant said...

I was such a ham when I was little and I'm not sure that ever changed.

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Unknown said...

Isn't it amazing how kids have to be a part of everything we do - even when they are "asleep"? My boys are the same; I'm part-way through a workout and one is bumping down the stairs looking for a mommy-hug.

You gotta love it.