Saturday, April 19, 2008

babies on parade ...

My girls (and several of their friends) are officially supermodels. OK, they're not supermodels, or really even models, but they did all partake in their very first fashion show on Friday. Talk about cute. Decked out from head to toe in some seriously adorable outfits (which we got to keep), they walked the runway joined by their smokin' hot mamas (you know who you are!)

Dizzle, the little ham that she is, couldn't get enough. She had to be bribed off the stage, not once but twice. As I told her we needed to get down, she told me, "Not yet!" All I could think was, "How do I get her off the stage without a tantrum?"(The answer. A lollipop.) And all she could think was, "I am so pretty. Look at me some more!" Seriously, I am really going to have my hands full when she is a teenager.

But this brings up a really good point. Dizzle has tons of self confidence and a really good body image. She constantly tells me that she is the cutest, and who am I to dispute. The question is how do I keep her (and Doodle) that way?

I face that question everyday. I want my children to feel good about the skin they are in. I want them to enjoy exercise and to eat as healthy as they can. I don't want them to ever have to battle their weight like I did. But how can you do that in a positive manner without becoming obsessive? How do you stress the importance of health without putting too much emphasis on weight?

It's a hard balance. I can honestly say that after years of being overweight, I finally am at a place that I am happy with my body. It may not be perfect, but I am comfortable. I feel and look strong. Sure, pregnancy has stretched out my skin, left me with absolutely no chest and stretch marks that resemble the scars of a Freddy Kruger victim, but I am ok with that. I have adopted a healthy lifestyle, and I never intend on going back to my lazy, fast-food eating ways. I just hope that being a good example to my children is enough to make them want to adopt the same habits. I hope that it is enough to help them become the strong, beautiful women I know they are destined to be.


Earth Momma Mer said...

Tonia, I think about this question a lot and I have a boy! But your actions will prevail and Kaden and Kenzie will soak that up like little sponges. Do not fear! Your girls are in great hands with a supermodel mommy! Hugs, Meredeth

hello said...

I completely understand where you are coming from. I am about 50 pounds down from my heaviest and I still fear every day that something will happen and the weight will come back View news.