Wednesday, April 23, 2008

raising a future stunt woman ...

I'm sure that you have put two and two together from my previous posts and have realized that Dizzle has found her calling as a future model/actress. And I'm also sure that if you ever meet her, you will quickly become 100 percent aware of her drama-queen and all-around attention-seeking ways. She belongs in front of a camera. This fact was proved again today when a friend of mine (who doubles as a photographer) came by this afternoon to shoot some pictures of the girls. Dizzle jumped and twirled and posed her little butt off, loving every moment of it.

Am I shocked that she has turned out this way? No, not really. Although my tendencies are pretty close to the complete opposite of Dizzle's, her behavior does run in the family. You see, my gorgeous, younger sister, who just happens to be Dizzle's Godmother (Coincidence? I think not!) has always been that way, and as a former beauty queen, has every reason to be. In fact, they are so much like each other that at times I have asked A, "What exactly are you teaching her when you are together?"

And while I have long known where Dizzle's strengths lie, Doodle's didn't become apparent until today. Like her older sister, Doodle is also headed towards a future in entertainment, just in a slightly more dangerous way. She is without a doubt, destined to be a stunt woman!

How do I know? Well for starters, she is 13 months old and is already attempting to climb out of her crib. On more than one occasion (this afternoon alone), I have had to remove her from standing on the back of the couch. Need more evidence? Well, during our previously mentioned photo shoot, she had to be taken down from the top of the train table (once) and the coffee table (four times). And here comes the kicker. While getting our house back in order after the photo shoot, she managed to pull out a chair and use it to boost herself onto the toddler table in the playroom, where I found her about half a second away from cracking her skull open. And while it scared the crap out of me, Doodle thought it was hilarious.

So basically I am left with two choices, either NEVER leave Doodle alone (which means no potty breaks for me or Dizzle) or plan on spending many afternoons in the ER. And for some strange reason, I feel like the ER is going to become like a second home to us. Who knew that raising a stunt woman would be so hard?

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