Tuesday, April 22, 2008

my incredible shrinking husband ...

In our house, J and I have always had a silly rule about a combined house weight. Basically, the members of our family are not allowed to have a combined weight of over 500 pounds. The crazy thing is that while I was pregnant with Dizzle, we actually exceeded this limit!! As I have mentioned numerous times before, this is no longer the case. While I have written endlessly about how I have downsized my frame, I have never mentioned J's battle against the bulge.

But let's just recap ... Here's what I looked like one year ago - Doodle was two days old.
And this is now.
Yeah, there's a difference. I see it. I'm sure you can see it. And the fact that I fit in a size 2 jeans (yes, they are the forgiving stretch jeans, but still the tag says "2"), is the real proof. But any gains I have made since Doodle was born are pale in comparison to those that my amazing husband J has made. This is him in January of 2007 (I know he is going to hate me for this picture!)

And this is him now! Pretty amazing, right? He is down nearly 50 lbs from his heaviest and is at his lightest weight in the six years we have been together. I am so impressed by him. How did he do it? Simple. Portion control and exercise ... shocking, I know. Like I've said before, all it takes is for you to eat less and workout more (are you listening to me all you serial dieters?) There are no quick fixes, no magic pills. Just hard work and lifestyle changes. We even cheat ... J and I eat ice cream EVERYDAY!! It's all about moderation!!
And what about that silly rule? Well, it looks like we will stick with it for a while. It helps keep us in check and we even have a little wiggle room. Right now, the four of us come in at 479 lbs.

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