Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Hormones Suck!!!

There are several times in your life when having normal amounts of hormones racing through your bloodstream is a great thing. Case in point - Puberty. Yeah, I know you're thinking, "Puberty sucked." And you're right, it did. But without it, you would have never gotten all those womanly curves or (in my opinion the best outcome of puberty) the ability to have children. And of course, having a child is my second example of when hormones rock!!

I know, I know, you're thinking it again, "Pregnancy sucked." And you're right again, it did. But think of what you got out of all of those raging hormones ... a beautiful baby! So actually, I'm right again ... hormones can be a great thing.

With that being said, I hate them right now. At 13 months postpartum, I am feeling their wrath. I was fine until I stopped breastfeeding, then it all went down hill. For the first time in three and a half years, I resumed my menstrual cycle (Yeah, LAM!) Oh, and did I mention that I have had said period for nearly three weeks now?!?! Add to that, the hot flashes at night, the sudden onset of acne - everywhere (which I somehow avoided at 16, but is in full-fury at 26) and my incredibly short fuse and I'd say I am about half a second away from locking myself in a closet, never to come out. (Seriously, I'd do it, but who would watch my kids?) Alas, I am left with nothing to do but sit here and wonder, "What totally awesome thing with I get out of this batch of hormones?" I'm guessing, NADA ...

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