Thursday, October 23, 2008

that so-called free sport ...

Last year when I decided to start running, much of my decision was based on my cheapness. I thought, "What could be better? Running is free. You don't need anything other than sneakers (which I already owned)."

Seems easy (and logical) enough. But I was so entirely wrong.

In an attempt to budget better and to understand where we are spending our money, J and I took a look at our extracurriculars (for me running, for him golf). Obviously, golf was going to have to be cut. It's super expensive. No, absurdly expensive. But running, so cheap ...

But then I crunched the numbers and this so-called free sport, isn't so free after all. In 2008 alone, I spent $496 on just race fees. And those sneakers, I already owned? Well, they had to be replaced three times (at around $80 a pair, might I mention). Add to that the food and travel costs for non-Richmond races (about $250) and the clothing ($400ish - dang, running gear is expensive), and I'm racking up quite a tab.

Oh, and I forgot about those two triathlons I did. Not only did they have race fees, but I needed swim and bike gear (including a road bike) as well. Bringing my grand total somewhere in the ballpark of $1900.

$1900 FREAKIN' DOLLARS!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME? That is the complete opposite of free. That's about a thousand dollars more than I will pay for Dizzle's preschool this year! Suddenly, golf isn't looking so expensive anymore.


gba_gf said...

H and I are having that SAME conversation at the Flynn house... $345 race fees/travel for a sport I started in April, plus shoes 3 pairs about close to $100/each, 2 skirts, $75 ... and a Run Like A Mother Shirt... oh, shoot AND a long sleeve performance top that will be arriving via UPS any day now... I hope I'm home when they deliver it... I bet I'm pushing $900

Anonymous said...

So give your husbands this 2009 budget - 4 pairs of shoes, no new clothes (I have preggo running clothes if you need), and 4 races - 2 10k and 2 halfs. They will all be local. What do you think?

I don't want to lose my running partners!! Budget, baby, budget!