Thursday, January 7, 2010

that pesky extra bone ...

So, if you've been keeping up with things around here, you probably know that I have extra bones in my feet. And you also probably know that one of those extra bones was the root of my ankle problem after the marathon. Thankfully, my friend Mr. Cortisone has taken care of my ankle pain, but that pesky extra bone is still causing me issues.

When I run (and occasionally when I walk) it feels like my bone is being pounded against. I have been wearing extra padding over the spot, but if it is not sitting exactly where it should be, it still hurts. I can't run when it hurts. It is AGONIZING pain. So, I do some adjustment and usually can fix it. I've mentioned to my running partners that the bone is wearing through my shoes. I'm not sure they really get what I am talking about. So I took a picture.

Here is the inside of my shoe (bad ankle):

And here is the same spot on the other shoe:
Crazy, right?


robinbb said...

Wow, that is really weird. Sorry for your pain, I hate that we get pain when doing something that we enjoy and is good for us.

gba_gf said...


I have to mention that if you mention this shoe fact to Limor, she's going to want that bone.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

CRAZY!! I thought my flippy toe going through my shoe was bad, at least it is not painful.

Christina said...

ow. That must be very painful. You should send the pictures and an email to the ShoeGuy, writer at the Running Times and see what he says.