Thursday, February 11, 2010

Race Reports

I am compiling all my race reports (the ones I can find anyway) into one place. Here it goes ...

Shamrock Marathon - 3/08
Ukrops Monument 10K - 4/08
Run Like A Girl 8K - 5/08
Carytown 10k - 5/08
PowerSprint Triathlon - 6/08
3Sports Triathlon - 7/08
Rock N Roll Half Marathon - 8/08
Annabelle's Angels 5K - 9/08
State Farm 5K - 11/08
NTelos 8K - 11/08
Turkey Trot 10K - 11/08
New Year's Day 10K - 1/09
Youngblood 5K - 2/09
Ashland Railroad 10K - 4/09
Susan G Koman 5K - 5/09
Carytown 10K - 5/09
Patrick Henry Half Marathon - 8/09
Richmond Marathon - 11/09
New Year's Day 10K - 1/10
Bermuda Half Marathon - 1/10
Huguenot 3 Miler - 2/10
Disney Princess Half Marathon - 3/10
Cherry Blossom 10 Miler - 4/10
MAC Half Marathon - 5/10
Marine Corps Historic Half - 5/10
Autism 5K - 5/10
Crossroads 17.75K - 6/10
Rock N Roll Chicago Half Marathon - 8/10
Pink Power Sprint Triathlon - 8/10
You Go Girl! Half Marathon - 9/10
Indianapolis Marathon - 10/10
HCA 8K - 11/10


Anonymous said...

i loved reading your posts. i thought it was humorous that you said no more marathons! after your first race. of course you were injured, so i think all of us would say that. thanks for sharing your experiences.

gba_gf said...

One and You're DONE... need to be amended to:

I love re-reading the race reports, they're awesome and inspiring. So cool that you compiled them into one list. Trying to do that too, but it's slow going.

Jill said...

I was just able to read a few and found them awesome! Isn't it great to go back and read the memories of those races and how we quickly change our thoughts later? I can't tell you how many mid-race temper tantrums I've had in a marathon and vow never to do another. I ran 4 last year after I swore up and down in Boston was done. haha. You are a true inspiration!!!

Pining for Pinterest said...

You are amazing :-)

Anne said...

I look forward to sitting back and enjoying these...what a great idea! Thanks :)

ajh said...

I am going to book mark this and come back and read these. I love lists and a list of race reports is the best.

Emily said...

Bummer you hurt yourself in Richmond! I liked the race but did not love it. I am totally going to come back and read all of these!