Tuesday, June 24, 2008

and she's out of bed again ....

I'm pretty sure that I've mentioned once, twice or maybe a zillion times that Doodle is my little stunt woman. She climbs and jumps and scales everything. And that includes pulling her little behind out of her crib (or at least too close for my monitorless lifestyle - I really should invest in a video monitor, it might be easier). Anyway, in an attempt to keep Doodle from breaking an appendage AND to create space in an overpacked room (two twin size beds and a crib), we moved her to her big girl bed last Wednesday. And she's taken to it quite well.

J and I figured that we would try it for a day or two and see how it all worked out. Honestly, at 15 months, I expected Doodle to get out of bed constantly and sleep poorly. But that hasn't really happened. Sure, she gets up once or twice, but she always goes back and there was only that one time that she fell asleep on the floor after banging on the door to get out. (no one's perfect) And now that she's officially out of the crib, I was able to take it out of the room and put toys in it's place. And for the first time ever, the girls can actually do more in their room than sleep.

But like I said before, Doodle gets out of bed once or twice each night (before falling asleep) and in this time she has somehow found a way to torment Dizzle by simply showing her love. It usually goes down like this.

We put the girls in bed and close the door. Five minutes pass and Dizzle is screaming, "Get away Baby!" Doodle has either climbed into or stood next to Dizzle's bed totally freaking her out. Seriously. Dizzle, who is a good 8 inches taller and 10 lb heavier than Doodle, is afraid that her little sister might try to hug her. It's hysterical. We open the door and Dizzle is often sitting there with tear-filled eyes, while Doodle has the biggest smile plastered on her face. I really can't help but laugh.

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