Monday, June 9, 2008

Sprint Tri, Take Two

So, last night I registered (as an Athena - yeah for being 150!) for the 3Sports Triathlon on July 20th. It's the same exact course as the Power Sprint, so at least I know what I am getting myself into. Will I train more? Probably not. If anything I would like to get in the pool a couple of times and see if I can freestyle without drowning. Because if not, I will be doing a 300 meter breaststroke yet again. But regardless of how the swim goes, I'm sure it will be a ton of fun and if not, at least I'll get a free t-shirt. Right?

So who else thinks I'm crazy? J is about two seconds away from committing me. But I assured him, this is my last race. Well, until the half marathon. But then I'm done. Maybe.

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gba_gf said...

Well, crazy isn't exactly the word I would use to describe you... committed, fit, energetic, hyperactive are all words I might use. And Athena is NOT a word on the list. I'm bringing a scale sometime this week & we're going to weigh off. I will say that my H would consider committing me too if I told him I was doing a tri. As it is he's a little leery of this "1/2 marathon nonsense".