Tuesday, June 24, 2008

remember when you said ...

There are two main reasons why I write this blog. The first is to keep friends and family updated on the events of our household. And the other reason is to have a record of things the girls say or do that I might not remember years, or even months from now. It is a great way to chronicle our lives and to have loads of blackmail.

Dizzle just said something to me that made me think, "That's so cute," and "I hope she still feels that way 10 years from now."

We were talking about ways to help each other around the house. I mentioned that she already helps me a lot. She always does the laundry with me. She replied, "The laundry is fun. When I am grown up, can I help you with the dishes?" (so cute, right?) I said, "Yes, when you grow up." To which she enthusiastically shouted, "Oh, it's going to be so much fun when I grow up, tomorrow!"

It was so cute, optimistic (because growing up really is fun) and a great example of the innocence of a child. She really has no clue that household chores are not fun, but rather tedious tasks I'd prefer to ignore. It was also one of those moments that I want to put in my back pocket and save for when she's 13 and doesn't want to help out at all. At that moment I will be ready with, "Remember when you said ...."

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