Sunday, June 29, 2008

a night without the kids ...

On Wednesday, J and I celebrated our four-year anniversary. And on Saturday night, we marked the occasion with a much-deserved and extremely rare night away from the kids. Now when I say extremely rare, I really mean almost never. We have only left the girls with a sitter four, count them, four times ever. Add to that the maybe half dozen times they've been left with their grandparents, and we are up to a whopping 10 dates in the last 37 months. That's an average of one date every 112.4 days!!

Yes, I know it's sad. But we actually really enjoy being with the girls and in most cases would prefer to bring them with us.

Anyway, last night we left them with a friend, whom I swapped babysitting with (who doesn't love a FREE sitter?!?!) and headed out to the Indy Car Race at RIR (also FREE thanks to J's company). And we had a great time (despite the brutal heat). The race was awesome, there were some amazing people watching opportunities, and did I mention it was free? We joked and laughed and didn't once have to tell anyone to "sit back down!" Then, after five relaxing hours, we had to return home.

I knew when we got back that we were going to hear how Dizzle was difficult at bed time, since she has recently been throwing out every excuse in the book not to go to sleep. And boy did she deliver. Apparently, she spent an HOUR AND A HALF, kicking and screaming to get out of her room. But our sitter was firm, especially since we told her to "take no crap." And it worked. Dizzle finally fell asleep. But not in her bed. Instead, I found her directly in front of her bedroom door (I literally had to squeeze myself into the room). And where was Doodle? Well, since Dizzle had vacated her bed, Doodle did too. But instead of the uncomfortable floor, Doodle just grabbed some real estate in Dizzle's bed. It was pretty funny. But the kicker was they were sleeping like this, with the LIGHTS ON!! Who does that? Really, how do you even fall asleep that way?

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