Friday, March 21, 2008

back on the road again ...

Tomorrow will be six days post-marathon and the furthest I have attempted to run was two laps around a yard about half the size of a soccer field. And honestly it was far enough. But now I am feeling fully recovered, at least physically, and tomorrow I am going to attempt a six mile run (basically on the course of my upcoming 10K). While I know I can run that far, I am slightly scared that I am not mentally prepared. I'm really afraid that I am going to get about three minutes in and want to stop. (Yeah, I know I just ran for five hours straight ... but I prepared 16 weeks for that.) Luckily, J is going to join me (and the rest of my Saturday morning run group), so if I attempt to flake out someone will stop me. I'll let you know how it goes!

On the racing front, I did some research on upcoming races and found more than a few that I would like to run. I just hate that we aren't sure how much longer we will be living here (J always has the possibilitity to be moved) and I am a planner. I want to register for everything and set out on a course of action. But, alas, I will have to restrain myself. I'm going to register one race at a time and take it from there. But in case you care, my ideal race schedule for the next nine months would look like this ... three 5K's, one 8K, three 10K's and two half marathons, with the random race stuck in here or there.

On the family front, things have been a little nuts around here, which makes me happy that I have taken a week off from training (it let me breathe a little). J has been working a ton (huge project, no time) and will be traveling for the next two weeks. How I hate when that happens! Both girls have been high-strung, so I have felt a little overwhelmed. But that's life and we will get through it. I just think I am going to need a good massage, a good run and a bunch of alone time when J gets back!

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