Tuesday, March 4, 2008

oh no, not a stress fracture

Well, the pancakes were fabulous (Thanks K!) and the run was really good too! We trekked off the beaten trail and left the asphalt behind for a nine mile trail run, which we somehow finished in 1:18:12 ... that's right, 8:43 miles! Seriously, when did we get so fast? That being said, there was one downside to the run. The last half mile was uphill, not necessarily a bad thing, but my ankle felt like it was going to snap the entire time. The pain changed my gait and I struggled to finish, which has me scared about running 26.2.

I didn't trip or fall or twist my ankle. This is a definite overuse injury. No swelling, just tenderness and pain when I run. All the telltale signs of a stress fracture. Such horrible timing! With just 12 days until the marathon, I am going to push through the pain. I'm really hoping that the taper and extra rest will help heal it enough that I can make it through the race so I can reach my goal. And if that doesn't work, maybe the adrenaline will help me ignore the pain. For all of you that think I am crazy, I know I am, but I am practical too. I will be going to a doctor next week to check it out. I just might ignore what he says.

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