Sunday, March 23, 2008

candy and easter eggs galore

I have always loved holidays. That sentiment is even more true now that I have children. Now, I'm not one to go overboard, in fact I prefer a bit of modesty when it come to holiday glitz and glamour. Instead, I find that the best moments come when you simply enjoy the happiness that the holidays bring. As simple as it is, there is something magical in the amazement children express about the tiniest gesture.

That amazement was apparent in my house this morning. All we did for Easter was give the girls baskets and had a mini Easter egg hunt (mainly for Dizzle). The baskets were simple, some candy, a DVD and a book or two. But the girls thought they were the best things ever. Dizzle loved how the Easter Bunny knew exactly what she liked. She said, "The Easter Bunny brought me M&M's because I love them." Doodle, just sat there, all chubby and cute, digging through her's and her sister's baskets trying to bite through the plastic to get to the food.

Once the baskets had been ripped apart, we moved on to the Easter egg hunt. On a quest for 16 eggs (all in clear sight, might I add), Dizzle was off on a mad dash. Doodle found her first (and only) egg, which Dizzle later tried to steal, shortly after we started. Dizzle searched everywhere, snatching up each egg and shaking it before she dropped it in her basket. It was adorable to watch and a blatant realization that my babies are growing up. They didn't need help opening their baskets and they didn't need help finding those eggs. It makes me extremely happy and sad at the same time. Strange how that can happen.

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