Monday, March 31, 2008

don't ever leave the door open ...

for an insult, that is. Little kids always say exactly what they are thinking and one of mine did just that today ... unintentionally insulting me (or at least I hope it was unintentional). Anyway, the conversation went like this. (Me pinching Dizzle's behind) "You've got a little butt. You've got a little butt." To which Dizzle replied, "Mommy's got a big butt. Mommy's got a big butt." Of course! Seriously, what did I expect to happen? Ok, so I have to admit, I kind of chuckled. But whether or not Dizzle's statement is true, it got me motivated.

So, right after I put the girls to bed tonight, I headed off to the treadmill. Which for some strange reason, as much as I loathe it, I have recently much preferred to pushing a 70-plus pound stroller during my runs. (Hopefully, the weather will cooperate soon and I will want to be outside with my BOB.) Ok, enough digression. So I headed off to the treadmill for a quick run. And do I mean quick! I finished my three mile sprint in 23:52 ... by far my fastest three miles ever! Thanks for the insult, Dizzle. It really got me moving.

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