Friday, May 30, 2008

exercise overload on sesame street

Have you heard how Sesame Street has really started to push good nutrition and exercise? Although we don't watch the show, I had read somewhere that Cookie Monster has expanded his palate to include fruits and vegetables, rather than just sugar loaded cookies. I think this is a great message to send. I just hadn't realized that there was more to Sesame Street's new healthy lifestyle message than that.

My enlightenment came this morning when Dizzle and I were finishing up our hour of "school work" and I took her over to the computer to utilize one of the many educational websites out there, like Sesame Workshop. We decided to listen to some stories (Dizzle chose "The Lemonade Stand"). I won't ruin it for you, but about five minutes in Elmo is selling lemonade when a girl comes to the stand and says, "Oh, I happen to have just finished a marathon. That's 26 miles, and boy am I thirsty." (Seriously.) She proceeds to drink her lemonade and then says something to the effect of, "That lemonade was great. Now I can go finish a triathlon before dinner."

That is a girl after my own heart. And big props to Sesame Street for pushing endurance sports.

Think I'm lying or just want to see it for yourself check it out here

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Earth Momma Mer said...

I am a forever fan of Sesame Street and I know my kids will be too (mainly because I will force it on them.) HA! I also give three cheers for their healthy messages. One of my favorites has always been how much Bert loves oatmeal. ;)

Have a happy, healthy Friday!