Friday, May 23, 2008

it's only 300 meters ...

I am a runner. A runner who also dabbles in cycling. A runner who has not swam more than 25 meters straight EVER. So, since I am obviously qualified, I entered a sprint triathlon on June 1 (which I'm not really training for).

This race consists of a 3.1 mile run (easy peasy!), a 12.4 mile bike (very do-able)and a 300 meter swim (did I mention I don't swim?) Anyway, this evening was my first (and perhaps my only) time in the pool. I headed in to the session with two goals:

1. To swim that far without stopping.

2. To do it in a time close to my seed time (six minutes).

So, how was it? Well, I learned that freestyle is not my strong suit. I got about a lap and a half in and could barely catch my breath. Obviously, my technique isn't that great. So I switched to breaststroke (much more effective). After what seemed like a very long time, I finished, out of breath with my heart racing. And my time? 7:14. Not bad considering that I initially put in my seed time at 7:00, but then decided that seven minutes was too slow and switched it to 6:00. (I can switch it back, but it will cost me $$ to do it).

I swam another 300 meters about five minutes later (still out of breath with my heart pounding) and finished in 7:25, feeling much more comfortable with my form and rhythm. Too bad I was totally fatigued about 25 meters in. Either way, I'm hoping that the adrenaline of racing and not wasting my energy with freestyle, will help me get my time between 6:30 and 6:45. Anyone else think I'm being crazy?

In other news, Doodle accomplished her own feat of athletic greatness yesterday. At 14 months, she finally took her first steps!! Yeah!! No more carrying Buddha Baby!! I'm super proud. Now if I could only get her to do it without bribery ...

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