Sunday, May 25, 2008

i did it in a bikini ...

No ... not what you're thinking.

So, what did I do in a bikini? I walked around King's Dominion, and I actually felt pretty good about it.

Luckily, I had Dizzle and Doodle with me as proof that my pale, soft, Freddy Kruger victim looking stomach, was not from some serious overeating, but rather from two very close together pregnancies. I was also comforted by the fact that as long as I didn't bend over and let gravity get a hold of my midsection, I looked kind of hot (for a mom of two, at least) and I was surrounded by quite a few "curvaceous" individuals who thought that itsy, bitsy bikinis were made for everyone. Just for the record - if you cannot find the strings to your bathing suit because they are hiding in back fat, then PLEASE opt for the one piece.

Anyway, in addition to learning that I have enough self confidence to flaunt my stuff in public, I also learned some facts about my children as well.

First, despite being older and having far more experience in the water, Dizzle likes the swimming about a tenth of the amount that Doodle does (maybe it's because Doodle's a Pieces). For example, Dizzle has a freak fest if water even approaches her head, while Doodle will crawl face first into water that is obviously too deep to be crawling in.

Second, even though, she really hates to be wet, have the water near her head, and is shivering, it is a cardinal sin to remove Dizzle from the pool before she is ready to go. This will result in a full out tantrum with stomping, screaming and crying.

Third, never attempt to stay at the amusement park past 2 p.m. Doing so will impede on Doodle's nap time and make an otherwise enjoyable trip miserable for all.

Finally, the promise of meeting The Backyardigans will make the crabbiest of children, into bubbly angels once again. Seriously, it's like someone flips a switch and the tears disappear and smiles emerge. It didn't even matter that we had met Pablo yesterday and Uniqua just last week (yes, we do go to King's Dominion that much.)

Talk about an educational outing ...

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