Thursday, May 29, 2008

so, she face planted

Remember how I mentioned that Doodle is a stunt woman-in-training? Well, she showed off her high-flying talents yet again this morning as she so eloquently face planted at Maymont.

For those of you who missed her fall, it went a little something like this.

Me: "Doodle, let's put you in this nice, secure five-point harness, so that you'll be safe as we run around Maymont."

Doodle (thinking): "Sure, Mom. But that little piece of canvas can't stop me!"

One guess who was right.


Right as we were headed to the parking lot, Doodle managed to get completely out of her five-point harness (well, actually half of the five-point harness. She had gotten her top half out earlier.) and subsequently launched herself out of the stroller, face first into a huge pile of dirt (a mere two inches from the asphalt, might I add). Then I nearly rolled over her with said stroller.

My heart sunk. I quickly picked her up, waiting for the tears, but nothing. Other than a mouthful of dirt, she was perfectly fine. Obviously, she has been getting the message that when I tell her to "suck it up," I mean it. But seriously, if she can't handle a little fall like that, how will she ever succeed as a professional stunt woman?

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