Saturday, May 10, 2008

I've had enough...

I would like to start this post by congratulating C and E for awesome times at this morning's 5K (23:26 and 23:21 respectively). I am in awe of them. C finished 5th in our age group and E was 6th in her's. They totally rocked it out!!

With that being said, I've had enough. I can no longer stand to be slower than them. Haven't you ladies gotten the hint yet? LET ME WIN ... Just for once I want to be the fastest! (I know, I know, enough with the whining.)

At first, I was totally psyched about the race. After all, I set a new PR (27:54) and managed to do so while pushing a 90lb stroller up some pretty fierce hills (so fierce that I had to walk up one for more than a minute). But then I got home and checked the race results, and once again my friends ran significantly faster than me and I was crushed. (Seriously, I'm too competitive for "friendly" races.) Instantly, I wanted to lace up my shoes and go run 3.1 miles to prove to myself that I could do it just as fast. (Don't say it. I know, I'm nuts!) I didn't do it though, instead I went for a seven mile bike ride and came to the following conclusions.

1. I need to find a 5K to run with my friends where it's flat and I don't have to run with a stroller (and I can get pulled by E a.k.a. The Kenyan).

2. I need to stop running in the same races as my friends, that way I can't compare times.

3. I need to find new, slower friends who lack the potential to ever beat me.

4. My friends all need to get knocked up, so that they are ultimately forced to run slower. Wait, that might backfire. If they beat me all big and pregnant, I would be devastated.

I'm hopeful that one of these scenarios will play out. Personally, I'm pulling for number one. Why? Because I love my friends to much to run without them and I really don't want to have to replace them (but I will if I must). Also, while I hope they all have more children, I can't take another ego blow if they don't get any slower.

But for now, I guess I just have to deal with the crushed ego that comes with having talented peers. Maybe next week when we race, I'll pay some people to box them out, so that I can make a mad dash for the finish line. Hey, a girl can dream!!

(I just wanted to mention that J ran this morning too! He finished in 29:48, a four minute PR over his last 5K and 12 seconds faster than he had hoped for! Way to go J! On a completely unrelated note, I registered for my first triathlon on Friday and I'm totally psyched ... stay tuned for updates!)


Anonymous said...

You are hilarious! You better not replace us!!!

gba_gf said...

So, how about next Saturday. It's going to be my 2nd 5K, and what, your 8th???... even so, I PROMISE to let you win. ;)