Sunday, May 18, 2008

i should have registered as an athena ...

So in the race this morning there was an Athena division. For those of you who don't know Athena (and Clydesdale) is a separate division for racers who are over a certain weight. I looked online and found that the Carytown 10K had a 160lb weight requirement, but on Friday when I picked up my bib number, I grabbed a race brochure and it said that the division was for 150 and over. I considered switching my registration to be included in this group, but thought I was going to have such a great race that it wouldn't matter.

I so should have done it!! It would have made what was a mostly crappy race, really good. My time (53:34 - officially) would have finished third overall in the Athena division. That would have been sweet!!

I know you are doubting that I would qualify for the Athena classification, but trust me I would. I weighed in at 150 right before the race. Still don't believe me? Come over. I'll get on the scale.

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